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Terms & Conditions of Email Service

Without Prejudice:

We the Owners, Afford-it.co.uk Limited, provide a free to use email service for the use of people in and around or connected with the Thorntons and Otteringtons Parish. The operators of this service can not be held responsible for any the content in any form sent or recieved through the FREE services from www.thornton-le-moor.co.uk. By accepting these terms you take full responsibility for all content sent/recieved through this service.

Users of thornton-le-moor Email must at all times act in a lawful, responsible, and ethical manner.

Users who send Email containing the thornton-le-moor.co.uk domain address may be perceived as reflecting on the character and professionalism of the owners of the www.thornton-le-moor.co.uk website.

Users must note that:

• Email messages create documents of record on the thornton-le-moor.co.uk computer systems for the purposes of court proceedings and are discoverable documents to which a party to legal action may demand access. Email messages have been key documents in a variety of legal disputes including: sexual discrimination and harassment, unlawful dismissal, defamation, theft of intellectual property, hazardous working conditions and contract disputes.

• Facts and views expressed in Email, even though they may not be intended to be disclosed, could be used as evidence in court against the thornton-le-moor.co.uk website owners and/or the individual.

• They must not use the Owners name, logo or trademark to imply the endorsement by the Owners of other organisations’ products or services without the written permission of the Owers

Email and information security

Users of Email are responsible for ensuring they do not compromise information security.

• The confidentiality of Email cannot be assured. It can easily be modified, saved, copied, forwarded on to others and intercepted by unscrupulous individuals. Users should exercise extreme caution in using Email to communicate confidential or sensitive matters, and should not assume their Email is private or confidential.

• Users must take all reasonable precautions when receiving email attachments because of the risk of virus or worm infection. All email attachments should all be treated with utmost caution. For further guidance on virus protection click here.Network, systems or application access passwords must not be included in the content of an Email unless it is encrypted.

• Users must not intercept or access other people’s Email without proper grounds and authorisation.

Email Access and Disclosure

The Owners may access Email communications under certain circumstances.

• The Owners may permit the inspection, monitoring, or disclosure of Email content;

When required by and consistent with UK law
The Owners will not automatically comply with all requests for disclosure, but evaluates all such requests against the precise provisions of the Data Protection Privacy Act, other laws concerning disclosure and privacy, or other applicable law.

•The Owners may monitor electronic mail;

For systems maintenance purposes
To carry out system management, problem resolution, maintenance and capacity planning, to correct addressing problems or for similar reasons related to performance or availability of the system

For security purposes
To address security issues, including virus management and authorised surveillance, including tracking unauthorised access to a system

The User will generally be informed at the earliest opportunity if this form of access is necessary.

Thank you for you co-operation with these rules. Application for FREE email is acceptance of these terms and conditions

Date: 01/12/2006.

For more details contact:

email the webmaster