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  the village book
"Everyone Had a Pig"
At a meeting of Thornton le Moor Show Society in January 1999, it was decided to commemorate the new millennium by a series of events and activities throughout the year 2000. Central to this theme was the production of a book, which would reflect on the life and times of the village. Subsequently a group of residents have combined to produce a collection of photographs, facts, stories and thoughts, which together tell the story of Thornton le Moor, a small North Yorkshire village.
The history of our village is as deep as it is broad, and we have attempted to present a balanced picture of social, environmental, educational and industrial change. For this reason, certain subjects could not be covered in the depth which some may feel is justified. If there are questions, which remain unanswered, we encourage you to follow in our footsteps and research the resources available. Quite often you will find the journey is as rewarding as the destination.
A list of information sources is included at the end of the book for this purpose. After many trials, tests and opinions we have decided to offer the book in Flash Paper format. To read this you will the MacroMedia Flash Player. If the player isn't installer on your computer you will be prompted to download and install when you click on the link below.

Getting your hands on a copy....
We have had an amazing amount of interest in the village book and people nationwide have been asking if there are copies to purchase. Enough books were printed for villagers and households, spares for newcomers to the village and a special signed copy for the queen.
All copies have now been distributed.
It has been discussed within the village about re-printing the book in paper back and trying to sell copies online. If you would be interested in purchasing a copy we would appreciate you letting us now so we can get an idea how many people are geniunley interested. Please send an email to the link below giving your name and contact details.

email the webmaster

Book on CD
New villagers who have not received a copy of the book will be able to see a copy in the village pub. A copy of the book on CD is also available.

Village Book
More information about the village can be found
within the official village book entitled "Everyone had a pig"
>click here to view the village book online
  The file is 43.7Mb, it is loaded from the server bit by bit as the user reads the book. If you havent got time to read it all just make note of your page number and when you come back you can return to that page without having to load all the pages you have already read. Good Luck and we hope you enjoy it!