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  welcome to thornton-le-moor
Welcome to the official website of Thornton-le-Moor in North Yorkshire, a small village with a long history and a lot to offer.
Thornton Le Moor lies at the foot of a ridge dividing the two river basin areas, the Wiske and the Cod Beck. It is situated half a mile off the A168, midway between Northallerton and Thirsk.
Thornton Le Moor is a regular two-row village of brick built houses, and has been for approximately three hundred years. A more ancient reference to Thornton le Moor can be found in the Domesday book, when the village was known as Torentun.
  Our aim...
To serve the village and surrounding area, keeping you
up to date with local events, inform you of local businesses and provide you with important local information including Busker Nights, Thornton-le-Moor Village Society events and events taking place in the local area.
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