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  Woody's at the Black Swan


Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 29th July 2010

Present:  Linda Carter (Treasurer), Peter Dewar (Chair), Ken Hughes, Ian Johnson, Clare MacArthur (Minutes) and Colin Wilkie.

Apologies:  Christine Ogden, Stephanie Griffiths and Ian Woods.





The minutes of the last meeting held on 8th July 2010 were agreed as an acceptable and accurate record.



Matters Arising from the Meeting on 8th July 2010

Articles submitted to the Darlington and Stockton Times (D & S) regarding TLM VS events were now being forwarded for publication in the local News & Views.

Possible Event at Lewis & Coopers Store: (ongoing)
Let CO know if you are interested in a festive evening at Lewis & Coopers in Northallerton. 
















Music in the Marquee (Saturday 17th July 2010)

  • A fantastic evening with about 100 people attending, who enjoyed a variety of high-quality musical offerings, including an unforgettable rendition of the ‘Badger Blues.’
  • Suggestion is to repeat this every second year.
  • £16.00 for lights to be paid to Brian Forbes (BF).
  • Timing for electricity to be discussed – generator is a possible back-up or alternative if ever necessary.
  • Rented tables – some were of disappointing quality on the day; difficult to handle – letter to be sent regarding this when payment cheque is sent.
  • Transport and organisation had worked well.
  • Particular thanks to BF for arranging and managing this event, and to the Hyde family for providing electricity – but thank you also to everyone who performed at, helped with and supported this event.
  • A report and a photo from the evening had already appeared in the D & S.


Show & Sports (Sunday 18 July 2010)

Due to an administrative oversight Anne Dewar is in fact the correct winner of the cup for ‘Most Points in Show’ and the trophy was duly returned to be given to her; committee apologies for this, and well done Anne!

  • Very successful Show, several committee members reported encouraging comments, entries were higher than usual and it was well attended on a mild but breezy day.
  • The lovely refreshments were mainly donated by locals and gratefully received as were the numerous offers of help on the day. Thanks to those who helped on a very busy day.










































Points to note for next year

  • Actions went mostly according to plan, except that there needs to be a little improvement in coordination of the transport.
  • Time must be allowed for completion of list of winners on the day to ensure it is ready before the trophy presentation.
  • Trophies are intended to be for those living in the village – all sports scorers, caber tossing, penalty shoot-out and bicycle time trial organisers could help by identifying a winner from the village, and it was decided to provide a certificate also for the first prize winners if they are not from the village. More certificates required.
  • The whiteboards, fridge and water heaters are down at Newholme.
  • Scorer’s gazebo was damaged in the windy conditions but CW enacted running repairs; it should be fine for the fete but not in exposed conditions as may occur on the Cricket Field.
  • The spare photoboard was also used as a windbreak for the Show tent door and ensured privacy during judging.
  • New water heaters and containers worked well – usage instructions were helpful.
  • Black refuse sacks, a first aid kit and fire extinguisher required.
  • Donation to be requested from the ice cream van next year.
  • Two stewards required for fruit/veg/flowers, and stewards need to be confirmed before the Show.
  • The judges enjoyed their lunch, and the fruit and vegetable/flowers judge was happy to judge all the classes rather than split the categories into two.
  • Thank you very much to the judges and stewards, the President and to the many people who assisted on the day.
  • Letters going out to Show judges and President, Rev. Stephen Fisher.

Schedule matters

  • SG (not present) is to report on her discussion about the potential for South Otterington School pupil’s entries in the Show; perhaps there could be collaboration with the school for category topics.
  • ‘Creative English’ in particular needs to be discussed as entries have been low.
  • The TLM ‘school trophy’ is now to be written as being awarded to the best exhibit in any children’s section as judged by the President. To clarify this, the trophy for best exhibit in Show will state that it is for the best adult exhibit, i.e. those over 15 years of age as per the rest of the schedule.
  • A new trophy was offered for donation to the Show collection, after a four-way tie in the handicrafts section which has a low number of categories. As there is already a painting trophy it was decided not to take this offer up at present; perhaps in the future, so for further discussion.
  • New separate class for ‘any vegetable grown by a child’ suggested, which would complicate what is an ‘open to all’ section, so this is to be put into the current children’s flower section – to be renamed the Children’s flower & vegetable section.

      Class 72 ‘miniature garden’ also moved there.

  • In the preserves section Class 52 ‘plum jam’ was changed to ‘blackcurrant jam’ as this fruit is in season for the Show. Any plum jam can be entered in Class 57 ‘any other jam.’
  • Several other minor amendments made.


  • Income - entries:               £124.50
  • Income - refreshments:    £ 250.50
  • Expenses:                         £183.70
  • Profit on the day                           £ 191.30

Expenses include prize money and judges meals.
Loss after taking off cost of marquee for the weekend = £412.65.
This is an improvement on other years, and seems to be due to more people attending and the refreshments being very popular, being priced the same as last year.

  • CW is updating the Show guidance list.
  • The After-Show dinner took place that evening in the pub, 19 people attended and enjoyed an excellent meal. Thank you to the Black Swan once again.


Annual Dinner (Saturday 13 November 2009)

  • PD has spoken to a prospective speaker and has another potential candidate.
  • KH will arrange tickets and publicity around two weeks beforehand – with help if required.
  • PD to inform KH of price of tickets.
  • Patches for selling as before – please arrange deputy if you will be away.
  • Raffle – should be sufficient prizes already, tickets required.
  • Village books should be on sale on the night also.








  • For the four-way split on the Show handicrafts trophy, the lucky winners each hold the trophy for three months.
  • Provisional date for the Show in 2011: Sunday, 17th July.


Next Meeting:

  • A reminder will be sent out one week prior to the date of the next meeting.







The next meeting will be held at 8.00pm on Thursday, 4th November 2010

in the Black Swan, Thornton le Moor.